Our 13,000 square foot production and warehouse facility offers a full compliment of services to help take your company to the next level.
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With our experience, equipment, and expert staff, we can help you scale up your recipes with the same flavor and quality your customers and fans have come to expect. We can package in glass containers from 2oz to 16oz, HDPE plastic containers from 2oz to 128oz, HDPE plastic pails from 1 gallon to 5 gallons, and a variety of bags and other containers for spices and more. A signed confidentiality agreement is always the start of our partnership to ensure your recipes, ideas and concepts are 100% safe!
We are a family owned and run company. We started very small, so we know how hard it is to find a quality driven co-packing company who can work with low MOQ’s, provide exceptional service with certified FDA credentials and facility. We have built our co-packing business model on working with small, new start up hot sauce companies, BBQ companies, restaurants, salsa and other food companies, to provide you with the opportunities you need to grow and build your business at an affordable price and pace. As you grow, know that we have the equipment, space, facilities and staff to grow with you. We currently work with companies doing thousands of gallons per month. So you don’t have to worry about your company outgrowing our facility!

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Included with Flavor and Fire Co-Packing

  • Signed non-disclosure (by both parties)
  • Recipes transcribed from measurement to weight (small fee)
  • Various container sizes
  • All price quotes are guaranteed for 10 days. Prices may vary/increase due to availability and price changes for closures, ingredients, shipping etc.
  • Scalable recipe conversion
  • Low Test batch cost of each product
  • Low MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity)
  • Copies of our FDA and Ohio Ag bottling license if required.
  • Copies of each batch log (upon request) per production.
  • We can provide brand design, label design, label printing and artwork through the same partners we use for our products. There would be no upcharge from Madstone to use our vendors, you would negotiate the price directly with them
  • We can provide food label panels that are FDA compliant
  • We can provide UPC codes
  • Process Authority Letters submission
  • FDA Product Filing (FCE & SIDS numbers)
  • Product development consultation
  • Custom Spice Blending
  • New Product Development
  • Finished product price includes all closures, caps, sleeves, batch code printing, labeling (labeling is included but does not cover the cost of the labels), packaged, palletized ready to ship
  • Kitchen - 2000 square feet
  • Professional top of the line production equipment (see equipment list)
  • Warehouse – 7000 square feet
  • Drive in ramp (for product pickup)
  • Semi Loading Dock
  • We can provide palletizing, order LTL freight and logistics for large shipments from our warehouse (inquire for fee)
  • Our production calendar is typically 2-3 weeks out. If you need before then, there will be an additional “Rush Order fee” based on 10% percent of the total production costs

Product Development

We will help you, with confidentiality of course, to take some of your creative recipe ideas and bring them to life. We will work with you to build a new product from scratch, or help finish one that you are struggling with to get that certain taste, color or texture just perfect. You would be working with award winning makers here at our facility who know how to help you create your masterpiece! Again, of course, all recipes are confidential.

Private Label

If you are looking to build a bigger footprint for your brands, we are here to help. We have over 75 products, and award-winning recipes, that you can use to extend your brand and build your customer base. These recipes can be enhanced to give them your private signature, or we can come up new recipes exclusive to you and your brand. Either way, we are hear to help make you and your company stand out with some awesome tasting products!

Large Scale Shipping Fulfillment

With our large warehouse, loading doc and ramp, we can provide your company with facilitating and fulfillment of large (1 pallet or more) shipments. If you get a large order for a box store, chain store, distributor or wholesaler… we can package it, palletize, pallet wrap and facilitate getting in touch with LTL carriers for pickup and delivery of your products. There is a small fee involved, but we do offer this service to all of our co-packing customers.

FDA and PAL Services

We have the expertise and relationships to help you with Process Authority Letters, FDA submission and filling. These documents and procedures are required by the Federal Government and sometimes can be a bit intimidating. We can take all of the hassle, headache and confusion right off of your hands by providing these services.

Complete Label Services

We have the software, expert graphic designers, and partnerships to provide you with everything you need to create expertly designed labels that are FDA compliant. We have the ability to develop your FDA approved nutrition label, retail ready bar codes, logo design and label design. Make sure your labels are retail ready, look fantastic, FDA compliant and all set for any retail environment! Just ask us about it!

We would be happy to provide you with a list of companies we work with, so that they can tell you why you should use Flavor & Fire Foods!

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